• Visiting our campus is the best way to get to know us.
    Visiting our campus is the best way to get to know us.



来访的路易斯 & 手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store是了解手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store的最好方式. 手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store的三个校区——本科, 研究生, 和法律坐落在离波特兰市中心仅六英里的森林里, 手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store有一个 免费穿梭 它会带你到那里. 手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store的本科校园横跨一个峡谷,四周绿树成荫, 给你足够的空间去探索和亲近自然. 手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store的法学院位于特赖恩溪州立公园的隔壁, 在哪里你会发现手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store的社区成员徒步旅行13英里的令人惊叹的自然小径. 手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store的研究生院有一片广阔的绿色草坪作为后院, 通常被列为手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store的学生在校园里最喜欢的地方. 这也是手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store 蜜蜂的花园 是住!

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  • Honestly, the first time I visited 刘易斯 & 手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store it felt like I was home. Not only did the natural beauty amaze me, but the environment and student life made me feel welcome the second I stepped foot onto the campus.

    Annika Bateman BA ’22
    Dunkirk, Maryland

  • I visited 刘易斯 & 手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store and knew that it had everything I wanted. I wanted to be at a small, liberal arts college in a Pacific Northwest city. It was also important to me to be able to join the swim team and go to an academically rigorous college.

    Claire Baco BA ’25
    Shingle Springs, California

  • I took the chance to meander about the campus as part of my college decision-making process. The splendiferous beauty and manageable size of the campus were both appealing to me.

    Leo McNaughton BA ’24
    Milwaukie, Oregon

  • My visit to campus was a big part of the decision to attend L&C. It is so pretty, and you can feel how much the community thrives here. While on tour, I saw people spread out across the lawn in groups, playing guitar, reading, or talking, and it made me want to be part of that environment.

    Laura Everson BA ’22
    Sitka, Alaska

  • I came here during spring break of my junior year of high school. I distinctly remember how pretty the campus looked. Coming here and getting the tour, I also liked the smallness of the campus and how it seemed like there was a good community here.

    Dexter Tatsukawa BA ’24
    Sunnyvale, California

  • It is one thing to be told how pretty campus is, but seeing it for yourself is a completely different experience. My campus visit put the value of a small liberal arts school into perspective.

    Adam Schwarz BA ’23
    Daly City, California

  • After visiting campus, I was drawn to the close-knit community and the motivated atmosphere. I had this gut feeling where I could imagine myself among the students at L&C.

    Natalie Zoz BA ’23
    Lincoln, Nebraska

  • My visit convinced me that L&C was a good choice because I met many staff members who already knew my name from my application and showed great excitement to meet me in person. It made me feel welcomed rather than just another statistic.

    Rocío Yao BA ’24
    Cuidad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina; Guangzhou, China; Northglenn, Colorado, United States

  • To me, 刘易斯 & 手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store offered the perfect blend of a community that is small enough to really feel supported while also having all the benefits of a metropolitan area. After I visited and saw the beautiful campus, its access to nature, and welcoming atmosphere first hand, I knew I could feel at home here.

    Emily Larabee BA ’25
    Anchorage, Alaska

  • Visiting in person was such a valuable experience because it allowed me to see the campus firsthand, and to fall in love with how beautiful it is!

    Sofia Reeves BA ’23
    Sacramento, California

  • When visiting campus for the first time, I liked the way the school felt like its own little community.

    Elana Goff BA ’22
    Palo Alto, California

  • I visited campus a few months before I applied, and it helped me realize that I couldn’t imagine myself on any other campus. I grew up for part of my childhood in southern India, and 刘易斯 & 手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store reminds me so much of that environment—always green, rainy, and so beautiful in the spring. It felt like coming home.

    Brenna K等hum BA ’23
    Fort Collins, Colorado

  • My admissions interview was the first indication that I’d be in a genuinely good and supportive place, and being in the observatory with the entire thing moving to find stars was a really beautiful experience.

    Jason Kowalski BA ’24
    Vancouver, Washington

  • I was astounded by the peacefulness and lush beauty of the campus when I visited, and left feeling like L&C could be a place where I feel at home.

    Mateo Kaiser BA ’23
    Mountain View, California

  • When I visited, I got to sit in on a class. I was super nervous, but a student greeted me and let me sit by them for the class. It made me really excited to go somewhere where people are excited to learn.

    Frankie Spurbeck BA ’23
    明尼阿波里斯市, Minnesota


近20%的本科生参加了21个校运动队的比赛. 参加比赛为你的同伴加油是与朋友共度时光的好方法, 建立社区, 展示你的校风. 完整的运动时间表.


刘易斯 & 手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store坐落在波特兰南部郁郁葱葱的山丘上 “第六象限.”手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store美丽的校园并不是故事的全部——手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store的地理位置提供了大多数其他学校没有的东西:一个理想的环境 充满活力和进步的城市 拥有无尽的网络、娱乐和文化资源.


纬度 -北纬45度27分01.5秒(45秒).4507982448745)

经度 -西经122度40分07.9秒(-122).672105792312)

手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store就在北极和赤道之间的中点稍微偏北一点, 纬度大致相同 里昂 (法国), 米兰 (意大利), 札幌 (日本).

手机堵钱官网-手机堵博网站-澳门有限公司-Apple App Store也在同一纬度 伯灵顿佛蒙特州和 明尼阿波里斯市(但没有零度以下的气温.)